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Chainsaws for Charity is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.  We help families and organizations in need of financial assistance.  We strive to help families forget their burdens for at least one day.  We have traveled to many areas of the United States.  


Our current project is the American First Responders Memorial Monument.


See below for page 2 of the timeline of our events.


January 2018

    * Milan, Indiana - Members of the Versailles, Indiana Fire

        and Rescue came to shop and worked on the AFRMM.



February 2018

   * Milan, Indiana - Work on the military-themed section of

        the monument begins.



May, 2018

   * Ross, Ohio - Leg Up for Mike Sweat - Raised funds to

         purchase a "Leg Up" system for a Vietnam Veteran's




May 2018

   * Harrison, Ohio - 4th Annual Rally for Callie: Fighting for Mason - 

         Beneift for 10-year-old Mason who is battling Non-Hodgkins



July 2018

   * Milan, Indiana - Steve brings in a veteran to work on the monument 

         as part of "Art as Therapy" program



August 2018

   * Muncie, Indiana - Bikers Cruise'n for a Cure - Benefit to raise

      funds to "kick cancer's butt"


October 2018

   * Cincinnati, Ohio - Team Brody - Raised funds to the family

       of 2-year-old Brody Allen who passed away from  a very rare

       brain cancer known as ETMR (embryonal tumor with multiplayered





November 2018

   * Portland, Indiana - Pitt's Pub - Fundraiser for Biker's Cruise'n

         for a Cure



December 2018

   * Columbus, Indiana - Donated artwork for auction at a benefit for a 

        toddler battling brain cancer



January 2019

   * Milan, Indiana - Memory Table display added to the AFRMM

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